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October 23, 2012
Product Test: EZ Leaf Hauler Gets Raves
EZ Leaf Hauler
Members of the National Home Gardening Club gave the EZ Leaf Hauler a thumbs-up review: It makes hauling leaves a breeze.

And with fall upon us, it's a tool you can use right now. A modified tarp with reinforced sides and pockets, it allows you to haul five times more debris than you could carry with a wheelbarrow. It features six built-in handles for easy transport and sturdy stakes to secure it to the ground on windy days.

Read what a couple of members said about the EZ Leaf Hauler:

"This worked wonderfully. It was so easy to put together and use. Carrying it by yourself is a breeze—grab two handles and pull."—Kristy Larson

"I live alone, and this is the perfect tool for moving leaves and debris. No lifting into a wheelbarrow or rolling it up a hill. Just rake leaves into the leaf hauler and pull to your dump site!"—Charlotte Johnson

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