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November 01, 2012
Put the Birds on Auto-Feed

Bird FeederAnyone who has a bird feeder knows the thrill of watching birds gather for an energizing snack. And they also know the hassle of keeping a feeder filled (not to mention the expense).

Unless they have the Wingscapes AutoFeeder. It's a programmable feeder that lets you decide when the birds will get food. As a result, the feeder stays full much longer and the birds learn to visit at the times they know food is available.

Made of durable metal (green or gray) and heavy plastic, the AutoFeeder uses a battery-powered mechanism that Wingscapes' sister company, Moultrie Feeders, has used for many years in deer feeders. Simply program the timer, and food is dispensed at the times you designate.

It's good for the birds and good for you!

purchase   the Wingscapes AutoFeeder and feed the birds on your schedule.
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