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November 05, 2012
Video: Secrets to Gorgeous Winter-Themed Planters
Winter-Themed Planters
Where can gardeners put their creative energies when cold weather hits? Containers!

Make a showy winter-themed planter arrangement for a front entry or a backyard. It's easy, and often you can use plant materials found nearby.

Growing Wisdom's David Epstein shares tips for choosing a proper pot and planting medium, preparing branches and other plant materials, and adding decorative touches. You'll love learning a cool method for turning an ordinary pinecone into a "flower" for a display.

Now's the perfect time to put your containers together, while materials are readily available and before it gets uncomfortably cold to work outside. You could start with a fall theme, using red and yellow plant materials. Later, you can replace some of the materials with evergreen branches, for winter appeal.

You might not be able to dig in the dirt, but you can still garden!

watch the video to learn tips for creating beautiful planter arrangements.
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