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November 06, 2012
Cypress Shines While Other Plants Wither

Siberian CypressWinter coming? Bring it on, say the conifers!

A cloak of snow adds mystery and magic to them, while deciduous trees shiver. Even conifers that are low to the ground, like Siberian cypress (Microbiota decussata), add that certain something to the winter garden. This shrubby evergreen (which really is from Siberia) has feathery, nodding, triangular sprays of flattened, scalelike needles. It's green in spring and summer and turns a lovely brown-purple in the fall and winter. The plant bears tiny cones and spreads slowly to cover a large area.

Common name: Russian arborvitae, Siberian cypress
Botanical name: Microbiota decussata
Plant type: Needled evergreen
Zones: 3 to 7
Height: About 12 inches
Family: Cupressaceae

Find out how to grow Siberian cypress and where to purchase it.
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