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November 12, 2012
Container Kits That Wow!

Container KitsDo you believe that winter should be as colorful as summer?

Lori Butala and Kathy Kisch do. They're the masterminds behind Winter's Wow, a Wisconsin-based company that offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor decorative containers, baskets, centerpieces and displays.

We especially love the kits from Winters Wow that let you create your own containers. Choose from Traditional (shown), Northwoods and Contemporary styles. Materials are cut to size and labeled, so all you have to do is arrange them in one of your own containers according to a diagram that's provided.

Another option: Choose your own ingredients. Evergreens, foliage, berries and more can be ordered individually and arranged in a design of your own.

Give your home (and your spirits) a cheery boost!

watch   this video to see how Lori and Kathy put one of their eye-catching kits together.
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