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November 13, 2012
Product Test: Critter Repellent Works!

Critter RepellentHuman hair, moth balls, garlic water—how many critter deterrents have you tried?

Members of the National Home Gardening Club recently put Scoot Deer & Rabbit Repellent to the test. While some of the testers were skeptical at first, the results were a solid thumbs-up: Those pesky, destructive garden raiders were repelled!

Read what a couple of members said about this rain-resistant, environmentally friendly product:

"It was much more effective than any other deer repellent product I have tried. For the first time in five years, my hostas survived without getting a haircut from the 15 deer that like to feast on them." —John Cullison

"I have an Asiatic lily bed at the end of my driveway that seems to be right where the deer choose to cross. I used this product, doubting that it would work. But to my amazement, my lilies blossomed and weren’t munched on." —Louise Kapfhamer

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