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November 26, 2012
Is Burlap Bad for Evergreens?
BurlapTrue or false: It's wise to wrap evergreens in burlap for winter protection.

You can find out the answer to this (prepare to be surprised!) along with a number of other tips for protecting trees and shrubs from cold damage at the University of Minnesota Extension Service. Shielding your plants from damage from the harsh winter sun, cold and critters ensures they'll survive the season.

Worried about salt, ice or deer? You'll find helpful strategies for handling those challenges, too.

And don't forget to mulch. Bare garden soil in winter is like a kid outside in the cold without a coat. It's a worrisome sight but one that's easily remedied with a thick layer of leaves, evergreen boughs or various other materials.

Protect your plants, protect your investment!

Photo Courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Learn   how to protect your gardens, trees and shrubs from winter damage.
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