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January 15, 2013
Making Scents
Making ScentsIt may seem like centuries ago that you actually could smell your garden's heady aromas, but that day will come again very soon. And with a little planning, you can make this year's garden even more fragrant. Here are 10 simple ways to accomplish this.

Find your landscape's sweet spots
Areas that are sheltered from passing breezes capture and hold fragrance that might otherwise be lost to the wind, so spots near walls, privacy fences or other natural windbreaks are ideal for fragrant favorites. The molecules that travel from a flower to your nose are extremely small and easily dispersed, which is why flowers always seem more fragrant when you bring them indoors. By stocking still spots with strong fragrance producers, you create invisible clouds of perfume in your garden.

Close the space gap
It's easy to miss the fragrance of a rose grown in a distant flowerbed, so move sweet-smelling plants close to your deck, patio or outdoor living area. Make the most of special niches near outdoor sitting areas.

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