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January 17, 2013
Video: Make A Living Sphere
Video: Make A Living Sphere
It's mid-January, which can only mean one thing—the doldrums are about to set in. It's time to take action before they consume you, and we have the perfect suggestion: Plant a succulent ball.

In this video, Hope Merkle from Los Osos Valley Nursery in California demonstrates how to make a gorgeous hanging sphere. To start, you'll need a green moss sphere filled with soil or a sphagnum moss ball. Look for these at your local garden centers (you can order sphagnum moss balls from Grow Organic).

Then you'll want a variety of succulents to create a pretty mix of colors and textures. Or for a monochromatic look, plant your living sphere with just one or two succulents. Merkle shares lots of other tips, too, from planting technique to maintenance (it's easy!).

The finished sphere can be hung indoors or out, depending on your climate and the season. With proper care, you can enjoy it for years to come.

Watch   the video and learn how to plant a succulent sphere.
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