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January 21, 2013
Crazy for Birds
Even if you don't know an oriole from a hummingbird, watching birds at a backyard feeder sure makes you want to find out about who's visiting. Help is just a click away. These are some of our favorite websites for identifying and learning more about our feathered visitors.
  • Cornell University's Ornithology Lab has facts, photos and a variety of interesting information for birders of all levels. What does a cardinal sound like? You can hear one—the site also has the largest collection of bird songs in the world!
  • BirdSource is a collaborative effort of the Cornell Lab and the National Audubon Society. Check out results from their 2012 Great Backyard Bird Count—more than 17 million bird sightings were reported over four days. Better yet, take part in this year's count from Friday, February 15 through Monday, February 18.
  • Birdcall Challenge at puts your bird knowledge to the test. It's all in good fun, and you might be surprised at how many calls you recognize (or don't!).
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