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February 04, 2013
Designing A Garden? Read This!
Designing A Garden?That new path you've been dreaming about isn't going to happen unless you take time to plan it. And now—while we're still in winter's grip—is the perfect time to get started. But where to begin?

Don Engebretson, aka the Renegade Gardener, has some sound suggestions in his article, "Landscaping 101." Though the title leads you to think this will be too basic, it's not. Engebretson makes a living designing gorgeous gardens. In this article, he offers timeless, smart ideas that any gardener can use.

For example, you might be surprised to learn that plants shouldn't drive the process. As much as we love them, they're not the first thing you should consider when planning a landscape. Here's another nugget from Engebretson: Do you know what draws the eye to your beds? It's not the plants! (Find the answer in his section titled "Visual Impact.")

It's time to read, dream and scheme!

read   Don Engebretson's tips for planning and designing your gardens.
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