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February 05, 2013
Test Cool Gardening Stuff
Test Cool Gardening StuffThere's a new kid in town, and he goes by the name of—are you ready for this?—StuffStuff!

The name sounds funny, but the program it represents is seriously good. StuffStuff is the new product testing arm of the National Home Gardening Club. One of the benefits of being a Club member is having the opportunity to test and report on gardening products. (Not a member of the Club? Join today for just $12 and you'll also receive Gardening How-To magazine and other awesome benefits.)

With StuffStuff, you go online to sign up and apply for the product you want to test. You can become eligible to test more valuable products and more often through a tiered membership and points system. (Your current Club membership level is automatically applied to the program.)

You'll also get to read what other Club members have said about products.

More value for you, and more fun, too!

sign up   for StuffStuff today (you must be a member of the National Home Gardening Club).
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