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February 07, 2013
Cure for the Whitefly Blues—Get Sticky!
whitefliesWhat do gardeners and whiteflies have in common? Houseplants! And once those pesky whiteflies move in, they can be tough to control. Populations are free to multiply in your warm house without fear of being eaten by natural enemies such as lacewings and ladybugs.

Like aphids, mealybugs and a few other plant pests, whiteflies suck sap from leaves, causing them to yellow and drop. Bruce Barrett, University of Missouri Extension, explains how to tell whitefly damage from other problems and offers several tips for getting rid of them.

If you like his idea of using sticky traps, you can follow his instructions for making them or you can order them online from retailers like Gardener's Supply and Arbico Organics.

It's best to catch pest problems before they get out of hand. So the next time you water, take a quick look at stems and leaves.

If bugs are there, it's time to get sticky!

find out   how to spot and get rid of whiteflies.
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