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February 18, 2013
Stop Topping, Start Pruning
Crepe myrtles—elegantly shaped, long-blooming and gorgeous right down to their delicate, peeling bark—bring natural beauty to any setting. Unless, sadly, you prune them the wrong way and leave them looking like aliens in the landscape.

It's the practice of topping that causes the disfiguring damage. Gardeners are often wrongly advised to cut the tops off crepe myrtles to control height and width, and to promote flower production. Unfortunately, such drastic cutting destroys the plant's form and produces a multitude of ugly shoots that sprout up all over the place.

The best way to prune crepe myrtles is using the techniques of selective thinning and renewal pruning. Just watch Jim Robbins, from the University of Arkansas, demonstrate how easy it is.

Then gather your tools. Spring's nearly here, and that's the perfect time to tackle this chore!

watch   the video to learn the easy and best techniques for pruning crepe myrtles.
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