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March 19, 2013
Product Test: Hot Pepper Kit Scores
Hot Pepper Kit It's always fun to grow plants from seeds, but deciding what to grow can be tricky. That's one of the reasons Volcano in a Box from Pepper Joe's is so appealing.

The decision has been made for you—and presented in a super-cute container. Inside you'll find seeds for the hottest pepper in the world (Butch T Trinidad Scorpion) along with many other varieties. Members of the National Home Gardening Club loved it! Read what a couple of them said:

"The seeds took off at once, and the plants were thriving in a couple of weeks. There are beautiful peppers on them now. My friends are waiting for the really hot ones to taste-test them!" —Matthew Steffen, Le Roy, IL

"I recommend this product to anyone that loves hot peppers. They'd be a great addition to chilis, salsas and other dishes. I'm going to have a lot of peppers on my hands!"—Gary Richardson, Dewey, OK

purchase   Volcano in a Box and grow the perfect combo of peppers for tasty, spicy recipes.
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