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March 21, 2013
Gardening Dilemma? Get The App!
Garden Time PlannerThere are few things as pleasingly simple as digging in the dirt. But, hey, it sure is helpful to have a bit of high-tech help now and again, too. That's what gardening apps are all about, and there are many to choose from. These are some of our favorites.

Garden Time Planner from W. Atlee Burpee is a new tool that helps gardeners find the best times to sow, transplant and harvest crops. It includes a database of plants and links to many of Burpee's how-to videos. Designed for Android 4.0 and above, the app runs on phones and tablets.

The iVeggieGarden app for iPhones and iPads helps you research garden questions like what to grow, how to grow it and how to deal with common garden pests. It also offers a place for storing notes and photographs.

Home Outside Palette, also for iPhones and iPads, is a fun app that let's you design your own landscape using customizable templates.

Get an app, get some help!

discover   valuable assistance in planning and planting with apps for your phone or tablet.
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