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April 08, 2013
Video: Grow a Cocktail Garden
Cocktail Garden
When it comes to brewing cocktails, Amy Stewart looks to her garden for inspiration.

She's not the first. Humans have used all kinds of flowers, herbs, trees, fruits and fungi over the years to create drinks. But for Stewart, a botanist and award-winning author, that fascination to learn more about the connection between botany and booze resulted in her latest book, The Drunken Botanist.

In it, she offers up an array of fascinating tales as well as drink recipes and growing tips for gardeners who want to plant some of their own ingredients for summer drinks.

Stewart so enjoyed researching and writing her book that she created her own cocktail garden at home. You can see the end result, which includes an outdoor bar and plenty of gorgeous container gardens, in this video.

And should you want to plant a cocktail garden of your own, you can order the Drunken Botanist Plant Collection at Territorial Seed.

Plant now, sip later!

buy   the book and discover the tasty connection between cocktails and plants.
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