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May 02, 2013
Looking for Seeds? Surprise!
SeedsThe flood of seed catalogs works us into such a frenzy that figuring out what to plant can end up being more stressful than fun. So it was a delightful surprise to discover that some seed companies also provide a respite from the selection tension in the form of practical and helpful guides. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • The Cut Flower Catalog from Johnny's Selected Seeds is an interactive online gem. In it you'll find gorgeous photos and descriptions of new varieties and longtime favorites. But we especially like the color palette guide and advice on how best to mix colors in the garden.
  • Need help planning your vegetable garden? Check out Territorial Seed Company's Vegetable Garden Planner. Adaptable for every zone, this handy planner makes it easy to draw your own garden design and plan for crop rotation. It also offers growing information on more than 130 veggies, herbs and fruits.
  • If you love learning about gardening, dial in to one of the free webinar series offered by Seed Savers Exchange. Or view past classes in their archives.
Seed companies—they're not just a source, they're a resource!

Discover   the gardening tips and guides offered by seed companies.
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