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May 06, 2013
Video: Here's A Garden Kids Won't Abandon
gardens for the kids
You've tried planting gardens for the kids in the past. And every year, it's the same result: the super excitement and cooperation at planting time turns into battles and rebellion at watering and weeding time.

This year, help them plant a garden they'll adore all season long—one that attracts butterflies! Dave Epstein of Growing Wisdom offers some terrific tips in a video on how to do this, from making gardening fun for children to choosing plants that butterflies love.

While you're digging in the dirt together, enchant the little ones with stories about how butterflies start out as hungry caterpillars that like to eat certain types of plants. For example, the caterpillars of monarch butterflies are picky eaters who only like milkweed. But swallowtail caterpillars will feast on dill, parsley and Queen Anne's lace

It's a teachable moment that can lead to a memorable summer.

Watch   the video and learn how to plant a butterfly garden for kids!
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