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June 27, 2013
Looking for Small Plants? Get the App!
AppBigger is not always better.

And yet it seems that way in the plant world, based on the endless number of large plants to choose from and the scarcity of small ones. This makes it tricky for gardeners with limited spaces looking for even a modest selection for their beds.

Happily, there's now an app for seekers of small plants! Landscape designer Susan Morrison's Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens is perfect for gardeners with small yards, balconies or patios. But it also comes in handy when you need to choose petite plants for borders and small beds in a larger landscape.

Use the app to search an ever-growing list of the best small-space ornamentals, which Morrison is assembling in collaboration with other designers and horticulturists from around the country. You'll also find planting and maintenance tips, a pronunciation guide, photos and much more.

Technology to the rescue!

Buy   the app and find small plants to fit your gardening needs.
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