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July 01, 2013
Video: End of Show? Start Trimming!
The curtain's down on this season's lilac show. So now what?

Before those blissful, fragrant blooms are completely forgotten, take a few minutes to give your lilac a little prep for next year's display. Pruning promotes vigorous growth and enhances flowering in all types of lilacs, no matter the age. And this is the perfect time to do it.

Cindy Haynes of Iowa State University Extension explains how to properly prune different varieties in this video. If your lilac just needs a bit of a haircut, focus pruning on diseased, misshapen and unproductive stems by cutting them to the ground. It's also a good idea to remove a few healthy stems to encourage new growth.

If your lilacs haven't been pruned in several years, or are fairly overgrown, grab your loppers and give them a rejuvenation prune. Learn how in this video by Marjorie Peronto of the University of Maine Extension.

Just be sure to prune before July 4 to ensure plenty of blooms next spring!

Watch   the video to learn the importance of pruning lilacs.
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