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August 15, 2013
Heads of the Class
HeadsThere are so many delicious greens you can grow that it's hard to pick a favorite.

But we think Salanova lettuces are a strong contender.

Introduced this year, Salanova seeds produce heads that are bright green and ruby with leaves that are frilly or flat and a texture that's crispy or buttery. The heads look so elegant, they could be a bouquet!

The lettuces are considered to have superior texture and flavor, higher yield and twice the shelf life of traditional baby leaf varieties. Seeds are sold at Johnny's Selected Seeds in easy-to-plant pelleted form. The lettuces mature in just 50 to 55 days, so you've still got time to plant this season.

Choose from three Salanova mixes, including Home Garden, the Foundation Collection or the Premier Collection. Each seed packet comes with a special cutting tool that makes separating the head into uniform leaves fast and easy.

get   the lettuce that's turning heads!
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