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August 19, 2013
Video: Want Summer? Check the Freezer!
Check the Freezer!
Ah, how you love the bright flavors of just-snipped herbs from your garden! And how you hate that you don't have much more time to enjoy them.

Unless you take action now.

You can savor herbs long into winter if you freeze them. In this video, Chef Nicole Straight shows just how easy it is to do. She uses a food processor, but if you don't have one, just chop herbs finely with a sharp knife. Make sure you wash, rinse and dry them before you start. And label the packages because once frozen, all herbs look the same.

If you've got the space, another good way to preserve herbs is to chop them finely, spoon into ice cube trays, slowly add water and pop the trays into the freezer. Store the herb cubes in freezer bags, and drop them into soups, sauces and other dishes as needed.

Think of it as preserving summer—what could be nicer!

watch   the video and learn how easy it is to preserve fresh herbs.
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