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October 01, 2013
No Space for Apples? No Problem!
ApplesIt's apple season, at last! And as you're nibbling on your favorite variety, you can't help but wish you had a large enough yard to grow them yourself.

In fact, you just might be able to plant apple trees in the yard you have. Many gardeners opt for dwarf or semi-dwarf trees that easily fit into home landscapes. If you have narrow yet sunny spaces, you can train dwarf varieties to grow in compact yet highly productive espaliers.

Columnar-type apple trees are another small-space option. Sold under trade names such as Sentinel or Urban Apple, they form their fruit along a single main trunk and spur-like branches. They can be planted close together in the ground (5 feet apart is plenty) or in large pots or whiskey barrels. (In colder areas, you need to provide winter protection for potted trees.)

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