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October 10, 2013
Video: Got Leaves? Make Compost!
If someone offered you vast amounts of high-quality nutrients for your soil and plants, you'd take it, right?

Mother Nature is doing that right now. All you need to do is scoop up the bounty!

Fall leaves, especially when chopped using a lawn mower or shredder, are a terrific source of organic matter that can be used to build healthy soil. In this video, gardening expert P. Allen Smith explains how to create nutrient-rich compost using fall leaves, kitchen scraps, grass clippings and other spent garden plants.

For cold-climate gardeners, who won't be watering and turning their compost bins and piles over the winter, it may take a little longer for your fall bounty to turn into something useful. But all of that free compost will be worth the wait once it's finished.

Don't have a compost bin? Shred fallen leaves with your lawn mower and spread them over garden beds to enrich the soil while you and your plants take a break.

Rake 'em and reap!

watch   the video to learn how to use fall leaves for compost.
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