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October 21, 2013
Video: Give 'Em Shelter!
Gardening goodbyes are never easy, especially when you're parting with beauties like geraniums and canna lilies, which look amazing long into fall.

So just don't do it. Instead, turn your goodbyes into see-you-next-spring by overwintering those favorite summer bloomers.

Geraniums and canna lilies are easy to save from season to season. One needs to be rescued before frost; the other, after frost. You'll find helpful advice on how to do save them in these videos from the University of Illinois Extension: One video offers tips for overwintering geraniums as cuttings or bare roots; the second shows how to store cannas as rhizomes.

If you're storing bare-root geraniums in your basement, we suggest you mist them with water from time to time if they seem very dry. Should the stems start to shrivel, soak them for an hour or two in lukewarm water. Let them air-dry before storing them again.

Come spring, they'll be ready for another glorious season!

watch   the video and learn how to store canna lilies.
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