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October 24, 2013
Got Weeds? Make Lasagna!
Want to transform a weedy spot in your garden or a portion of the lawn into a garden bed without digging?

Think like a chef and make lasagna. You won't need noodles and cheese, but you will need newspapers or cardboard, compost, mulch—and patience.

Called the lasagna method or sheet mulching, this technique is a nearly effortless way to kill weeds or turf and create rich soil. How does it work? You layer various materials over an area; over time, weeds and turf die because they've been deprived of the sunlight they need to grow. As the materials you put down decompose, you're left with healthy soil ready for planting.

You can use this method any time of the year, but many gardeners prefer to do it in the fall so that the new beds are ready in the spring.

It's a recipe for success without straining your back!

learn   what materials to layer to create new beds using the lasagna method.
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