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November 21, 2013
Cocktail Time for Gardeners
Cocktail Time When you're itching for a gardening fix this winter, head for the kitchen with a bottle of booze. But don't drink it! That bottle plus herbs, fruits, spices or vegetables are what you'll need to create a delicious infused beverage.

Gardener and former chef Erica Strauss offers step-by-step instructions and recipes for using various types of alcohol and flavoring ingredients. As Strauss says, don't be afraid to experiment. Infused spirits are easy to make, and they're always a matter of personal taste. So if a cucumber gin infusion sounds yummier than a pineapple-mint rum, go for it!

When it's ready (that's a matter of personal taste—it could be days, weeks or months), keep some for yourself, and bottle some as gifts for your friends during the holidays.

To learn more about how garden bounty is finding its way into cocktails, check out garden writer Amy Stewart's book, The Drunken Botanist (Algonquin Books). Or, start planning your own cocktail-friendly garden by taking a look at Territorial Seeds' Drunken Botanist Plant Collection.


Find   out the myriad ingredients you can use to infuse vodka, gin and other alcohol.
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