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January 23, 2014
Time To Sow!
Time To Sow!Winter seed-sowing sounds like an oxymoron—how can you plant seeds outdoors in winter? In fact, it's a gardening technique that's practiced widely and is not only simple, it's also really fun, especially in cold climates, when you're longing to be out in the garden.

The technique involves sowing seeds in containers and setting them outside to germinate. Garden writer Amy Andrychowicz, whose blog is Get Busy Gardening, offers step-by-step instructions for winter sowing using a few simple supplies.

For more in-depth instructions and helpful information about when to start seeds in your hardiness zone, check out WinterSown. You'll also find a list there of What to Sow for best results. (Hint: It's best to winter-sow seeds from plants that reseed well on their own in your area).

It's not too early to start your garden!

Learn   how easy it is to winter-sow seeds.
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