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January 28, 2014
Recipes: To-Die-For Super Bowl Snacks
Super Bowl Snacks
At the snap of the ball, the Super Bowls starts—and serious eating gets underway. With a snack-a-licious spread that stars finger-licking wings, plump pizza bites and cheesy taco dip, you'll score big with your hometown crowd.

Hot wings
Nothing creates a game feeding frenzy like chicken wings fresh from the oven. Honey Teriyaki Hot Wings are no exception. Slathered and baked in a flavorful mix of honey, soy sauce and fresh ginger, these wings will fly off the serving platter.

Cheesy bread
Scored into easy-to-separate sections and loaded with cheese and garlic butter, Stuffed Cheesy Bread won't survive for long after you set it out.

Pizza bites
Pizza pie meets finger food in Pizza Bites. Mozzarella balls and pepperoni slices are wrapped in pizza dough, brushed with Italian-seasoning-spiked olive oil and then baked to hot and gooey perfection.

Taco dip
Every party needs a hot and bubbly dip. Quick and Easy Taco Dip, a glorious melty mélange of ground beef, three cheeses, onions, ranch dressing and seasonings, belongs on the roster.

Bourbon Meatballs, made with ground beef and pork, are speared on toothpicks and doused in a robust sauce boasting notes of apricot, brown sugar, hot chili, barbecue flavors and, of course, bourbon.

Photo: Chung-Ah Rhee at Damn Delicious

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